Alliance for Pandemic Preparedness and Response

Advancing Global Health Security Through South-South & North-South Collaboration

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Founded in 2020, APAR is a decentralized, non-governmental, non-hierarchical alliance with representation from global multisectoral and multidisciplinary stakeholders that catalyze South-South Cooperation (SSC) to holistically and sustainably advance health and bio-security capacities in the global south while facilitating the health security dialogue with the North to enable a global ecosystem of pandemic preparedness and response.

APAR has been launched to address the critical needs identified during the New Delhi One Health India Conference held on February 28th, 2019 where experts and representatives from 28 countries supported and signed a declaration that calls for establishing a global network that can effectively respond to continuing global threat and burden of zoonotic diseases.

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» Establish a network of interdisciplinary and intersectoral experts to enhance the pan-regional bio-security capacity.

» Launch a platform that advances sustainable health innovation in the areas of treatments, medical devices, vaccines and diagnostics for the developing world.

» Serve as a forum to advance Social & Behavioral Interventions and best practices.

» Devise strategies geared towards mitigating future cascading impacts of diseases on economies.

» Provide a forum for regular policy coordination among pan-regional partners.

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