The session hosted fifteen thought leaders, policymakers, and experts on health safety and security from India and the US to discuss the proposal on the formation of a global pandemic preparedness and response network, preliminarily named as ‘Global Alliance for Pandemic Prevention (GAPP)’ in response to the call for establishing a global network during the One Health India Conference 2019.

The participants shared thoughts on the Alliance network, its objective, and the modus operandi to ensure a sustainable organizational framework and its inception through a proposed virtual conference. Participants also addressed the timely relevance of the network, approaches to make focus and identify the missing areas, the establishment of an organizing committee, identification of stakeholder and approach towards their engagement, potential donors that may support the network launch conference, timelines for the conference, and the services that the alliance could offer to its members.

All participants agreed on the rationale of the alliance to increase health safety and security mechanism at South with the active engagement of North in a collaborative environment and opined that its inception is highly relevant and timely. Participants formally agreed on the name ALLIANCE FOR PANDEMIC PREPAREDNESS AND RESPONSE NETWORK (APAR). Participants congratulated the founders for this timely intervention and applauded their efforts in this endeavor.