The goal of this consult meeting was to announce the soon to be launched global Alliance for Pandemic Preparedness and Response (APAR) and identify biosafety and biosecurity organizations of South as future stakeholders who shall evolve the programmatic priorities, and promote regional interconnectivity to strengthening and advancing the cause of APAR.

Representatives from two BS&S organizations of South namely Biorisk Association of Singapore and Asia Pacific Biosafety Association, operating from Singapore had participated in the meeting while it was facilitated by APAR core committee members.

Participants expressed that the proposed activities and promises made in the proposal are quite tall and broad in scope for which APAR should have some novel working roadmap to attract the stakeholders. Participants highlighted that each nation has its own strengths and challenges wherein these have been never mapped and discussed on a common platform so that participating nations could benefit from each other experience. Participants wished that APAR should act in this sphere by mapping the existing issues and develop the required platform for information sharing leading to improved health security status. Participants expressed their willingness to contribute, however, informed that the matter of engagement with APAR is subject to approval from their organization’s Governing body.

Biorisk Association of Singapore, an organization working in collaboration with the Asia Pacific Biosafety Association and help to improve biosafety has officially partnered with APAR and will contribute to the efforts of APAR for better biosafety and biosecurity management for outbreak control.